Scuola or Buon Viaggio? Paradiso or Citta?

  1. My parents let me buy a bag that i can use for traveling or for school:yahoo:...I have come down to four choices ... a paradiso scuola or buon viaggio or a citta scuola or buon viaggio.... which one should i get?:confused1:
  2. it depends what you want the bag for. if you want a traveling bag, the scuola may be the best choice. if you want it for school, BVs may be better. i would choose the citta BV only because i'm not a scuola person.
  3. for travelling/shopping around: paradiso BV (with plenty of scotchguard cos it ages really quickly!)

    for school: citta scuola (bit more dirt resistant for everyday wear)

    but that's just me cos i know i can hurt my back if i carried all my books and essentials on one shoulde~!
  4. lol. oops. i mistakenly thought the scuola was the NUVOLA. yes, scuola would be perfect for school!
  5. Citta scuola, I have one in Spiaggia that I use for college and when traveling home, is very useful
  6. I think either one could be good for school and travelling depending on how much you usually carry. If you carry a lot, the I would go with the scuola.
  7. i would love a citta buon viaggio, but thats because i already have a paradiso bv. and its just my personal it depends on what you like best.