scuola for dummies?

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  1. This is a really stupid question...but I just got a scuola, and I can't figure out how to tie it closed properly :confused1:(i.e. like this: )

    can anyone post something akin to a tutorial? If I can't figure it out, it's getting returned :cry:
  2. Do you mean the drawstring under the flap? If so, squeeze the two sides of the, what's that thing called, the thing hanging on the drawstring, then push it up towards the opening to tighten. Not sure if this helps.
  3. If you mean the canvas strap:
    1. Pull the bottom strap up through both loops;
    2. Bend strap down and put it OVER the top loop and UNDER the bottom loop;
    3. Pull tight;
    4. Rock your scuola!
  4. :Push: that's so simple! thank you so much =)
  5. :biggrin: this thread makes me happy! Its the same if you have a canguro paperstar, thats how they close too!