Scuola as a laptop bag?

  1. I was thinking of getting a backpack instead.. will my 14.1" Sony VAIO fit in a Scuola?

    It's going to be in a laptop sleeve by the way.

    Thanks in advance! :p
  2. That I'm pretty sure is a no, the Scuola I think, is even too small for binders..
  3. .. Hmm. I've never seen a scuola in real life.. But anyway I bought a Campeggio yesterday on eBay, so I'll be using that instead =)

    So excited for it to come in the mail!!
  4. Scuola is not built for laptops therefore you'd need a separate padded laptop sleeve for protection. Your Vaio might not fit in because of the top drawstring closure, you have to give about 4" clearance.
  5. Thank gosh I didn't buy a Scuola.. I ended up buying a Trasporto Campeggio on eBay last night! :yahoo:
  6. Definitely a good choice to get the campeggio! It's not that the scuola wouldn't work, it's more so that it's not recommended as a laptop bag. I'm sure it can fit, but it's a little risky.

    Here's a picture example:

    even if you already got your campeggio!
  7. tokipoki: thanks for the pic reference.. i'm glad i bought the campeggio then! :dothewave: