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  1. Anyone else here doing sculpting? I've been working on this shoe sculpture for a while now. :smile:

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  2. Some more progress. Almost ready for casting!

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  3. Very nice!
  4. What are you going to cast it in?

  5. Thank you! :smile:
  6. I'm going to make concrete replicas, and the "shoe" part will be painted with a smooth glossy coat, like patent leather, in different colors.
  7. It's looking great so far and will love to see the finished sculpture!

    I don't do any sculpting - horrific time at it during my high school art classes. lol I do work on customizing blythe dolls whenever I get the time but never a full custom.

  8. So is your avatar how you are going to finish painting your sculpture?
  9. Yes, why not? That's a good color combination!
  10. I agree the colours will look good.

    Are you going to just have them as objet d'art or will they be used for some practical purpose like bookends?
  11. Well, my plan is to sell them, so I'll leave that to each buyer to decide!

  12. oh right, is this the start of a little business or just to recover costs and then you will move on to something different.
  13. ...and then this happened :cry:

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  14. Aw! :Pullhair:
  15. Glue to the rescue! :biggrin:

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