Scuffs/scratches on new bag question...

  1. I just got my Bleecker large flap in British Tan in the mail today. It was a sale bag I ordered from Nordstroms. It has quite a bit of scuffs/scratches on it. Can you recommend something I can spray/rub on to even out the leather a bit? If I use something like apple guard, would I do the conditioner then the waterproof spray (or the spray then the conditioner)?

    This is my first coach bag :smile:
  2. I just condition my bags when I first get them, and then maybe once a month or so if I think they need to be freshened up. I dont have any waterproofing sprays, so I'm not sure about that, but I would think you would condition first, or if you need to clean the bag, then clean, condition, and waterproof last. The Apple leather conditioner is wonderful - its probably the only product you'll need.
  3. A lot of people recommend the Apple cleaner. I have the Coach cleaner that I got a few years ago and I love it. I used it on all of my leather bags. I did use it on one of my BE bags and it really took all the scratches out!