Scuffs on caviar -- repairable?

  1. Hello, I'm back for more advice. You ladies are just so smart! :tup:

    I have some wicked scratches on one of my caviar bags courtesy of my 3-year-old son who dug his claws into it while having a tantrum while Christmas shopping a few weeks ago. (I know, what am I doing carrying a nice bag around a 3-year-old? Heck, I always carry nice bags. I can't help it. This, I should note, is the first bad incident!)

    Any suggestions? I tried saddle soap -- it's a gentle leather soap that I have been told cleans the nooks and crannies of caviar so well -- but the scratches are still there, unchanged. They're not so deep as to affect the bag's appearance from afar, but they are noticeable scuffs.

    So, other than keeping my children and bags separate from now on, anyone have any idea whether it's possible to remove scuffs?
  2. I'd take it directly to Chanel. If worse comes to worse, I'm sure they can send it out and have the scratches buffed out for you...
  3. Have you tried rubbing it with a leather conditioner (I use Apple Guard)? When I notice scuffs or fingernail scratches on my caviar and lambskin leather Chanels, I just buff them out with the conditioner and the cloth that came with the set and it gets rid of them completely (granted they're not SUPER deep scuffs).
  4. Visit also...great advice and they could even fix it for you if needed.
  5. I Highly also recommend I use there products on all my Balenciagas on some of my Chanel's. You can also call the owner Barbara and ask for advice over the phone.. shes very sweet. GOod luck!
  6. Thanks! I will try both of those things ...
    You're all the best! :love:
  7. If you look through some of the old posts on the forum about Chanel repairs, you'll see that Chanel can repair just about anything. I would skip other options and go straight to Chanel.
  8. I would, however, the nearest Chanel boutique is about 200 miles away in another state. I live in the middle of nowhere. Saks, and their in-store Chanel boutique, is even about 100 miles south of here. :sad:
  9. Oh I'm sorry ilovemrjones! Why don't you call the Chanel boutique and ask their opinion first? Maybe they will have a suggestion for you- if not, try to bring it in when you can. The bag is still wearable, right? Don't worry, I'm sure it will be okay!
  10. That's probably the best idea. Any idea of a boutique with a nice SA who might talk to me?

    In all honesty, sometimes I feel afraid while shopping at the boutiques. I've only been to shops in New York. Those SAs can be so mean. I always go minus the family and try to be polite ... but I always get this feeling like they want me to just get out of their way.

    Maybe because I'm not a zillionaire ...

    Any suggestions on who to call would be appreciated.
  11. ilovemrjones, I feel you there. I got mad at Chanel for treating me that way too.

    So now I always call ahead and reserve the item I want before showing up -- when I walk in to pick up and item I've already bought, I get better attention. The same happens when I get an invitation: they see the invitation in my hands and pay attention to me.

    Otherwise I get flustered with the SAs.

    It should be ok to call though right? Call the boutique you bought it at, that's my suggestion. They might be able to accept a mailed item for repair. You can also write to chanel through their website and ask for advice.