Scuffed Shoes

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  1. Hello everyone .
    I bought my 1st pair of Manolo's I was so exicited .
    I took them to the Shoe repair guy to have them streched.
    They came back with a scuffed heel .
    The shoe is Kava Colour Rose Bronze metalic .
    so obviously he did not have the polish to fix it .
    So my quetion is
    Does anyone know if I can buy MB shoe polish to match the shoes .
    What do you all do to prevent scuffs on your beautiful CL , JC and MB .

    Ps I always scuff my shoes any advise on prevention would be apreciated .
  2. Where did you buy your Manolos? I only ask because department stores that sell high end usually have a cobbler that they utilize for their clients and they might be able to send it out for you or give you the name of the person they use. Other than that I'm not really sure what your options are - I don't do a lot of DIY shoe fixes.