Scuffed my black patent CLs (pics)

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  1. While out last night :jammin: I scuffed my black patent CLs. I noticed it this morning and have no idea how it happened. :confused1: I would appreciate any suggestions. On a separate note, they held up great for a first wear and I couldn't walk five feet without a woman stopping me and complimenting me on my CLs -- though some did mispronounce his last name. :lol: You ladies are so right, these darlings really do make you feel like a queen. :love:


  2. Tiffany, are they patent? I cannot see well from the shine on the pic. Looks like you rubbed on something made of plastic. Very lightly, try "earsing" it with a pencil eraser on the spot. Another option is to try cleaning products for shoe shining but wait until another pfer (expert) gives you a suggestion.

    Good Luck! What are they? They look fabulous!!
  3. Thanks, LolitaBlue. :tup: Yes, they are patent. I should have taken the pics without the flash. The eraser idea is brilliant. I'll give it a try and be gentle just in case. Happy New Year! :balloon:
  4. ackkks that happened to my yellow patent simple pumps (1 side which was on display i figured) and would ask my cobbler to do something to the scuffs since they're of such a bright color so i wouldn't wanna mess it up. i know how you feel! but no worries since it's on patent, it can be easily removed! a little bit of nail varnish on a cloth worked well for my black patent miss boxe, so you could try to do that? just a little bit! you wouldn't wanna rub the color off! ;)
  5. Thanks, LadyDeluxe. I hope you were able to fix the yellow pumps.
  6. Tiffany: did any suggestion work? I will love to see your CL on modeling pic!! Do you have any?
  7. I hope the eraser works! Let us know please. :flowers:
  8. Petroleum jelly. You know, like Vaseline. Dab a bit onto a soft rag and rub. Should do the trick.
  9. ^ The list of things that Vaseline does goes on.. LOL

    Does it really make your eyelashes grow longer? I've heard that so many times. Thank goodness I was born with very long lashes. Yippee. :biggrin:
  10. I don't know but it is a great moisturizer and care cream for rough elbows.:p I will love to find out if any of the suggestions work? Her shoes seem so purty!!
  11. The eraser didn't work, unfortunately. :cry: I will pick up some Vaseline from the drug store and give that a try. Thanks again. :flowers:
  12. Maybe a little nail polish remover? Dab it on your index finger and lightly rub on white spot?
  13. That's a good idea. Thanks! :idea:

  14. Ooh I'm so sorry-- I was going to suggest vaseline as well! But just wanted to comment that they are GORGEOUS! :love:
  15. Let us with modeling pics!!