Scuffed Mono Canvas!!

  1. Last night when I was putting my speedy in her dust bag, I noticed a little white scuff mark on the bottom. I usually keep my bag on my lap, so I don't know where it came from. I might have bumped into something while I was carrying it. Is there any way that I can get the scuff off of there?? It is very small, and not very noticeable, it wouldn't be the end of the world if it never came out, but now I am paranoid it will happen again!!
  2. If its just on the canvas, then a damp soft cloth may help.
  3. Try a damp cloth first. I have removed any and all white spots on Mono canvas with Apple Leather Cleaner - just a drop on a soft cloth and rub. Never had any problems.
  4. I will try the damp cloth as soon as I go home! Hopefully it will work.
    Are these spots common?? I was panicking when I noticed it.
  5. ive noticed a quite large one on mine but im not too careful with it anymore :S should be though...
    I dont think its come off yet but i havent tried anything
  6. Yes, these spots are very common. I have seen them on every piece of Mono I have purchased pre-loved. But they have always come off!
  7. Well that's reassuring that they have always come off. I can't wait to try!! I've only had mine since Valentine's day! I wasn't expecting the scuffs at all.
  8. dont feel bad! This past weekend I started using my denim speedy and I have a black dot on the one handle. :shocked:

    I guess this is what happens with the bags when we use them.

  9. I guess it just gives them character, and makes them look "lived in" and loved, etc... but I like them perfect!! It's sad...
  10. White On The Canvas, I've Had....It Usually Comes Off....Let Us Know How It Turns Out
  11. I had that on my mono keepall. I used the maguc eraser on mine and it came right off.
  12. I used a damp cloth and it mostly came off. It was in two (very) small spots. The first one was right in the bottom of the V, and that one came off with some gentlr scrubbing. The other one was outside the L and it is still the tiniest dot. I figured I would try again today after work.

  13. Good to hear!