scuff on patent.

  1. did a quick search and couldnt really find anything that answered my question.

    i have a small white scuff on my purple patent leather bag and i would love to get it off.

    it's not so large that if i can't find a solution i'll be upset but it's bothering me that it's there.

    i want to make sure not to mess up the finish or the color.

    any suggestions?

    i've already tried just buffing it off with a clean soft cloth with no difference.

  2. Are you talking about a scratch scuff or a colour scuff? In either case I think it's permanent to the leather, but somebody else might be able to jump in and offer advice
  3. it looks like a white scuff from my screen door.

    it's looks like color transfer to me. ive felt it and it doesnt really seems like it's imprinted in the surface. i mean it's 1/8th of an inch, but its on the front and now every time i look at the bag its all i see! i'm sure no one else would notice it unless i mentioned it.
  4. Try a Magic Eraser. :smile:
  5. In another thread there were testimonials on how good Windex is on patent leather with one tPFer mentioning that her mother has used Windex on patent for 45 years.

    If you are yet to tackle the problem, I'd consider that option.

    Good luck!
  6. I use a QTip dipped in white vinegar or rubbing alcohol...barely enough to dampen it Maybe spot test with the alcohol. I've never had a problem with vinegar, but the alcohol has taken some of the shine off before. And lightly rub it, they've always come off my Valentino Lacca bags with this method. I would never use a magic eraser though, it would take the shine way down.
  7. I have removed scuffs from patent shoes using nail polish remover (the acetone kind). I put the smallest amount on the end of a q-tip and barely rub it over the scuff, then remove it right away with a soft cloth or paper towel. I haven't had any problems with it, but you might want to test it first if you're using it on a bag.