scuff on patent leather

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  1. there is a bag that i really want on the bay, but the seller states that there are scuff marks on the patent leather... it is a black mark that is not a scratch really, but i am wondering if there is a way to get that off of patent or how to lighten it? please help i really want this bag!!! thanks
  2. magic eraser will probably take it off easily.
  3. AFAIK you can't smooth over scuffs on pat. leather, that means the clear coating over it has been damaged, and you can't undo that type of damage to the outer layer.
  4. toothpaste used to remove black scuffs from my patent leather shoes when I was little.
  5. how about a scuff on say brown leather legacy?
  6. ^^^^^
    Apple conditioner or leather CPR conditioner should blend it and help.
  7. where do you purchase Apple conditioner?
  8. Leather CPR can be bought at some stores. I get mine at a saddle shop but I think a few ladies said that Walmart may carry it?????
  9. Bulington Coat factory. I have never found it there, but that is what I have heard. Sometimes local leather repair shops.
  10. Honestly, I don't know that I would chance it unless it is really good buy and you love the bag. If you buy it and it does not come off, you would probably have a hard time reselling and would be out your original investment. I have never known scuffs or marks to come out of patent leather