Scrunci Scarfband - love it

  1. I've had this pony tail scarf for ages that I love, but my head must be misshaped, since things just fly right off. I found this at Ulta for $9.99. It comes with 2 head bands and 3 (actually cute) scarfs. My set came with a brown and white headband, but they had three different color scheme sets, I think.

    And now it stays :smile:
  2. Thats a good idea, the ponytail scarfs never stay in my hair, I should try this. Thanks!!!
  3. CUTE!!! Glad you fixed the problem.
    I would love to get a little pony scarf sometime :smile::smile: I have short hair so I would tie it in a bow at the nape of my neck and let the edges fly free...haha