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  1. did you see that article posted on the blog??? PLEASE dont tell me scrunchies are coming back. PLEASE. i hate, loathe, despise, abominate them. no, i dont know where my feelings of intense hatred come from, but i could be SO happy if i never saw one in public ever again.

  2. what did the article say?
  3. they could come back all they want, they arent touching my hair.
  4. it just said free people made a bunch of them for this season that looked very boho.

    definitely not for me or for carrie bradshaw!
  5. Oh gee LOL. Well, as JhapsonLoveYou put it, come back all you want. I'm not wearing them *again* LOL.
  6. Urgh.....those and Fergie bows! :hysteric:
  7. will never wear a scrunchie!! would love to see article posted on the blog if anyone has a link?!
  8. Ehh I'd rather just wear a thin elastic bobble!!
  9. I don't like free people and I stopped wearing scrunchies when I was 11. I can't really wear them now anyway as I cut my hair off years ago :roflmao:
  10. Haha I remember in grade school they were the coolest thing ever! I had all sorts of scrunchies hahah even ones with fur pompoms attached lol.
  11. Eeeeeew :wtf:
  12. Do you remember just wearing them? As in like anklets and bracelets?

    I did.

    In my defense, I was 5 and it was the early 90s!
  13. i was never wearing them and never will.they look horrible..
  14. haha yay for the comeback.

    im kidding. haha... theyre not attractive.. i dont know anyone who isnt in under 10 who would wear them.

    theyre cute on kids though!

  15. I agree, scrunchies on kids is great - fun, cute and playful. But for those of us who have an intuition on what looks good or not, scrunchies is definitely not the best come back to date. I've seen quite a few older people wear scrunchies in their hair, and their wardrobe looks dated from the early 90s :s