scrumptious '05 black city $1200 BIN or $1K SB

  1. The leather looks yummmmm!!!
  2. thats really really lovely!
  3. I sooooo want it, that is one beautiful bag...
  4. Go for it, Scout! it's very reasonably priced and in mint condition!!!
  5. yes, somebody please go for it & put me out of my misery :sos: i'm so tempted & i've already got 2 black cities :p
  6. Daaaamn, Bama, what do you do with 2 black cities???
    is one of them with pewter hardware?
  7. nope, lol, one's from '05 & the other's from '06 (both are from the same e-bay seller too :nuts:)...they're both so beautiful in their own way & the leather on them is really different...after finding them, i couldn't decide which to keep, so i'm keeping both :tender:...i think it's the most classic b-bag of all & i wanna make sure i'm never without one!!!
  8. I like the way your mind works ;)
  9. AAA... what the most difference between the 2 diff. year black city?? :yes:
  10. Is this one authentic for sure?
  11. welp, the '05 is so soft & smooshy that it can be rolled up into a ball :love:...and the '06 is perfectly distressed (not too much, not too little) & has more structure to it, so it feels sturdier...i know it sounds silly, but they look like 2 totally different bags :cutesy:
  12. ^^ lol, me too!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. ^_^ thanks aaa I actually can tell too (from the pictures...) This 05 looks so SMOOSHY!!! Which mine is more structured, like you said.

    This bag looks TOOOOO yummy... :drool:
  14. 'bama, I think they even look different in color. My 05 black looks like a true black, whereas the 06 blacks I've seen in NM looked like a deep charcoal black, more veiny making it look like an ultra-dark grey almost. Both lovely in different ways. Is that how your blacks are?