1. Do any of you guys watch scrubs? im currently obsessed with it!!! i love the show its sooo funny... dr Cox is my fave..

    Any other scrubs fans out there
  2. Yes, I'm a fan, I'm a fan!!! I don't know where we are up to here in Australia but I love the show!!! For some unknown reason it didn't quite take off as expected here and it's now delegated to some obscure late nite time slot, which changes around quite frequently and often without warning. But I try to catch every episode that does get aired. Elliot is so wonderfully flawed, she's endearing, lol. Actually the whole crew is excellent. If I had to pick a fav, it would be between JD and Elliot.
  3. I lvoe scrubs. they have all 3 seasons out on DVD there.. i bought them from OZ
  4. I used to buy DVD sets like The Office (UK version) but found that I don't tend to sit and watch it all. So, now I only watch if it's on tv. Weird how that is.:lol:
  5. I love Scrubs!!! I love JD and Dr Cox and their relationship!
  6. :roflmfao: the cleaner cracks me up SO does their stuff dog!!!
  7. I LOVE THE JANITOR!! he is soo funny. and ted kelso assistant.. haha the show has such quirky humor
  8. I love this show !! It's too funny - my favourite is Elliot, possibly because I'm also a crazy, neurotic, overachieving ditz. My favourite episode is "My way or the highway", season 1, episode 22 (when there's the sugeron and doctor musical gangs).
  9. Yeah, Elliot's my favorite, too. I love Scrubs, hate how NBC keeps holding it back until mid season, it's always on the chopping block for cancellation. Ugh, if they just aired it on the regular schedule, without changing the time slot around it'd have more viewers! :rant: Ah, well, it's still a great show. :P
  10. ^^^ I love this show but I don't watch it on a regular basis because I never know when it's going to be on. I love Dr Cox, I tend to be sarcastic and he's like my idol when it comes to sarcasm!
  11. I love Scrubs! I hate how NBC treats this show, though. They should move it back to Thursday nights with the other good comedies next season.
  12. I agree! They don't really promote the show, and they should.

    I love the 'relationship' between JD and Turk, and love scenes with Rowdy! At first, I was a little creeped out by the fact that they had a "stuffed dog", but it's hysterical how he's another part of their family.
  13. this is one of hubby's fave shows! we have all the dvds that are out. :smile: i never got into it on the rare occaisions i had cable to watch, but one day hubby came home with the first season on dvd. i was less that thrilled, but he convinced me to give it a chance and i'm so glad i did! i've never laughed so hard at a show in my life!

    the characters are all so well developed. love them all. :love: and zach braft is a cutie. hehe.
  14. I love this show! I was so upset/confused when it went away for about a year and then came back. It was random! I'm glad it came back last year and I'm hoping it comes back this year too :smile: It's so funny and I love Dr. Cox and Jordan, they're so funny, esp when they find out Jordan is pregnant again and they torture the guy that did the op. to have her tubes tied :roflmfao:
  15. Here! We love that show! I don't know wny it doesn;t get the recognition it deserves-they are all fabulous on there!

    Love Zach Braff-what a cutie pie! Donald Faison too-yum! Did you guys know that they are real life best buds?

    Oh-and the janitor is great-I just love him and JD together!