1. I just seen the preview for syndication of the show Scrubs. I have never watched the show before ...but the previews had me in stitches (NO PUN INTENDED!....LOL). I think it looks hilarious...and I think I'll start watching it.

    Anyone else a newbie with this show??
  2. I'm not a Scrubs newbie, but I love love love the show! :yes:
  3. i've watched all episodes and season...
    very very funny!!!! i love this show, you def. should watch this :wlae:
  4. Me!!! I just started watching the show about 4 weeks ago. My husband and I are now addicted to it.
  5. i just started Scrubs. . . on season 8 right now. love it!
  6. I really love this show, its a show I can watch reruns for over and over again.. and i do sometimes on tv.