Scrubs Cast Helps Crew Member Propose

  1. Soooo cute!!!!! "Scrubs" is my favorite show!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!
  2. Great post ! Thanks !
  3. Oh my, that actually brought tears to my jaded, cynical eyes.... :p
  4. ^^me too :crybaby:it was so sweet.
  5. OMG.. this is so sweet !!!

    Now I demand a proposal as awesome as this one !
  6. I actually cried, I swear I cried! So sweet! I just got done watching the last 2 seasons of scrubs back to back, I wish zach braff would ask me to marry him!:graucho:
  7. aawww i love scrubs!!!
  8. So sweet! :heart:
  9. awww...that brought tears to my eyes! i love scrubs!
  10. Saw this a little while ago, so cute!
  11. I kinda cried!
    Scrubs is my favourite show too.
  12. Potentially very embarassing if she'd said no, but you'd have to be nuts to say no!
  13. awwww. Didnt think it was possible to love JD even more!!! but now I do :biggrin:
  14. Aww how cute!