Scrubbling Bubbles shower cleaner

  1. So I bought that scrubbing bubbles automated shower seems to leave alot of streaks on the shower door but I want to try it for two weeks to see if it really does work. Does anyone else have this and did u get good results? Also, are you suposed to clean the shower by hand at all?I really hate cleaning the shower.
  2. I have it in the spare bathroom. Nobody EVER uses that shower so when we have guests I tell them to turn that sucker on after they shower so I don't have to clean lmao.
    From what I understand it is supposed to clean the shower itself within 2 weeks. But if you clean your shower first and then install it, it will keep the shower clean. It seems to work really well for our spare bath, there are no water spots or anything :tup:
  3. I've used it . maybe i did it wrong, but it didn't work on mine :tdown: But I am a clean freak, so maybe it did work, but just not clean enough for me??
  4. Me either. It didn't work. And I want things seriously clean.
  5. I tried it and didn't like it at all.
  6. I have never tried it but I read a review in Consumer Reports and they gave it a major :tdown:
  7. i read or heard a review that was pretty bad. i'd pass on it
  8. Wow. I bought one months ago and it's been sitting in the linen closet sealed and untouched forever.
    Maybe I should return it!
  9. I just don't do chemicals in my house, I only use natural stuff. Besides, I've got two very curious cats who seem to love the bathtub. IMO, if you have animals or small children, this is a no-no.
  10. This was also a concern of mine.
    Our cat drinks from our bathroom's faucet and loves hanging out in the shower and tub.:confused1:
    Do you have roaming and curious pets, Hi-classbaby?
  11. ^ No no pets or children, but now I see that could be a hazard although the chemicals dont seem to be that strong. I think im going to end up returning it because the chemicals just sit there and streak.:tdown: