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  1. 10674 size, its the large.

    Has anyone picked this up from the outlet, if so what was the cost?

    thank you,

    I'm going to see about taking a trip and would like an idea of what the cost is.
  2. Sorry please move, I see in the shopping section there is an outlet thread.
  3. This doesn't belong here! It belongs in the shopping section. Please do a search before asking a question.
    (this is what you do all the time BF)
  4. ^^ np as I already asked as you can see for it to be mov ed!!!!!

    so in your face!
  5. After a 20% discount it was $175 + tax.
  6. Geeze, that was a little rude.
  7. girls!
    I feel like I'm walking into an arguement between my children.

    "In your face"?

    If people have an issue w/ another member, you either take it to PM or simply click on "report this post" and move on please.
    SakuraSakura likes this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.