Scribble, transfer/zipper

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  1. I'm wondering if those that have a scribble have notice this?
    04-02-2008 007.jpg 04-02-2008 008.jpg
  2. I have the large hobo and haven't carried it yet. I'll go take a look at mine and see if I can see something..
  3. I have a tote, not sure if it's the same size as yours, but I have not used it yet. It does not have any transfer yet. Is yours a factory rerelease (bought this year) or retail from last year?? I'm just wondering about the quality of the rereleases vs the original retail bags.
  4. I just looked at my large hobo, which is a re-release from last year's Scribble, and it has a rolled leather trim by the zipper, so I don't transferring being a problem with the hobos. Also, I think the totes were actually part of the Scribble line last year, which is why I passed on them..I'm more of a shoulder bag I don't think there would be much difference between the overstock from last year and re-released stock...or maybe I'm wrong, but I think it's the same pattern of bag on the totes and the totes are varied in style...does that make sense?

  5. A little confused here, but the totes are also rereleases unless you happen to pick up one that's not. I'm not certain how many tote styles there were last year (I know at least two plus a diaper), but all of the sizes I have seen this year have been rereleases. The hobos this year are different completely than last year. I believe that last year there was a flat hobo version for the Scribble as least that was true for both the patchwork and watercolor. There were two sizes in that one. I'm really just wondering about the materials and dye??
  6. Actually I don't know if I was clear (I rarely make sense to me, lol!) I'll try again. I was wondering if her tote was from last year because maybe over time the bleeding occurred (from a humid environment or whatever). Or...I've read some posts on this forum that claim that the materials used for the factory bags are cheaper than for the retail bags. I'm not sure that this is the case, but it does make me wonder sometimes.

    I'm not certain about the hobos for the Scribble, but last year they had flat hobos in large and small versions in both the watercolor and patchwork. They are now at the outlets but are retail overstock (I know because I looked inside at the creed and also inquired). This year they are rereleasing the Scribble line at the factory stores, and all of them that I have seen to date are rereleases and not retail overstock from last year. I was able to pick up a few pieces in the Scribble last year at the factory that were retail items, like a small wallet. There is a completely new style of the hobo this year for that line at the factory, one that will stand up on its own (I like that one much better!).

    However, the patchwork and watercolor items that I have looked at so far are retail overstock, not rereleases, in the tote styles. I think I might have seen a new style hobo in the watercolor last weekend (?), can't remember, and if so, it was a rerelease because it was the stand up hobo style and not the flat one.
  7. Hi Baglady-I didn't see a boutique hobo (crescent shape) in last year's Scribble. I remember seeing the totes and the demi rolls, but no hobos. I think what I was trying to say is that I think the actual pattern for the totes would be the same whether they were last year's boutique or this year's re-releases, though I don't know for sure.
    I got the patchwork hobo last year, because I didn't see a Scribble hobo, and those flat hobos are my favorite style. But since they came out with the factory hobo, (the boxy one) I decided to go ahead and get it.
    It would be interesting though to put the two totes side by side and compare, one from last year, and the re-release.
    As far as the fabric, it's like if they have so much left over at the factory from the original bags made, and then they just hang onto it and make re-releases. For instance, last year's factory Scribble, the solid pink and then the solid blue, were part of the patches in the 2006 spring patchwork, and then they made wristlets from the green Scribble fabric on the patchwork.
    Then there's the white/green Scribble totes that are factory bags this year, and that fabric was from the 2007 patchwork line. IDK..wouldn't you love to pick the designers' brains and see how they come up with stuff?
  8. I don't have the scribble but I have the hamptons patchwork with similar leather and I used it a lot last year, no transfer at all on mine.
  9. I'm sorry about the transfer on your bag.. have you tried anything to remove it? If it was mine I would try a tide pen on a small area and see if that works.

    I just bought the patchwork satchel but I guess it could also be a tote.. I think it's a medium..
    I thought it was a re-release from last year but it does not have the F in front of the numbers.. so I guess it's not, unless they stopped doing that.
  10. Tara-you know you're gonna have to get the Tammie wedges now to go with your patchwork tote! They are so freakin cute!

  11. Ha, ha...yeah, I got ya!! :yes: I don't know how they come up with it either, but it kind of reminds me of when I was in college and eating at the campus cafeteria. Thursdays and Fridays were aways some sort of goulash loosely called a "casserole", that was composed of parts from every meal served that week up to that day... I guess it's the "waste not, want not" theory.... :P

  12. Oooo yeah, I have those too!! I think they are my favs., and much more comfy than the sneakers, which make hash out of my heels!
  13. OMG! :roflmfao:Those were the days..."It's MYSTERY potluck". We had that too and I always thought to myself, I know I see Salsbury steak from Monday in that slop...
  14. OK I looked at those pictures 7 times - what is it that you guys are seeing??? My contacts must need to be changed!
  15. donnalynn-if you look closely you can see where the leather has "yellowed" a bit under the trim..a little splotchy. I can't see it happening on the hobos, since the leather trim is rolled and finished underneath and doesn't have the unfinished "hem" as on the totes.