Scribble Tote.... HELP!!

  1. Those both just came out this week so I doubt many people (if any) have them yet. From the measurements on the website, it will fit though. Your best bet is to go into a Coach store and try it to see how much extra room you'd need.
  2. I got it in watercolor. Looking at the measurements you should be ok. Once mine comes in, I will let you know (ordered Fri).
  3. If that's the tote you're getting (as opposed to the small one), I think you will be fine. I ordered the small white/yellow one for myself when I went to the store, and that one seemed like it would probably fit both the case and wristlet with some room left, so I would be 99.9% sure that you will have plenty of room left with the larger one.
  4. On the website it doesn't look like there's much difference between the small and larger one. I think the small is almost the size of a Legacy Shoulder bag.