Scribble or New Multi-Stripe Demi?!?! Which one???

  1. Okay...I need your help....I am going to buy a new Demi THIS WEEK, but: should I get the Demi in the New Sig. Multi Stripe or the Hamptons Scribble? I was leaning towards the Multi Stripe, but then I saw the Scribble...would the Scribble get too dirty? Opinions, please! Thank you!
    multistripe.jpg scribble.jpg
  2. scribble! it's so cute/ i love the pink detailing!
  3. I'm personally not a fan of the multi stripe...

    if this helps at all...the scribble demi seems to be bigger than the multi-stripe demi. (it's more barrel shaped)
  4. i like the scribble way more than the multi stripe! it is bigger and its like a cotton-y matieral so it will probably be easy to clean (ask your SA)
  5. The multi stripe is awesome in person..! The scribble I think is nice, but it might become tiring to carry -- the multi stripe I feel has longer "carrying potential" lol
  6. Stripes! More personality and color options. The scribble could be limiting. Hard decision, good luck!!!
  7. Scribble, hands down. :smile:
  8. I am not a huge fan of either one but if I had to pick one I'd definitely pick the Signature Multi Stripe.
  9. You'll be able to carry the stripe all year long.....but the scribble is a better shape to me and very springy/summery. Is it just me or does the demi stripe one look a bit like a pencil case?? Very rectangular.
  10. oh i can't chose! i say the multi stripe. no, scribble. HMMMM. okies, multi stripe!
  11. Scribble!!
  12. I like the Sig. Multi stripe better.
  13. The scribble looks so much cuter, and it will be great for spring and summer use.
  14. I like the stripe!!!
  15. Thank you for your opinions. It's seems the opinions I received are just about split down the middle :p I am super confused...I think I LOVE the look of the Multi Stripe - and think it can be carried more/longer than the Scribble. However, I do LOVE the size of the Scribble! I guess I'll just have to go check them out IRL and see if I can decide!:shrugs: