scribble hobo - c's lined up?

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  1. for those who have a scribble hobo, are the C's line up along the seam on the back?
    does it look like this? or is this one a FAKE? :yucky:
  2. I have never seen this style faked but who knows. I think it is an outlet bag. They should have made the c's line up though, just because it is on the back, what if you wanted to wear it the other way ?
  3. That looks horribly fake. I've seen real Coach bags that don't line up perfectly on the side seams (the Heritage stuff, for example) but nothing is actually THAT obvious. FAKE.
  4. this link was working last night, but for some reason not right now...
    anyway, the same bag is on, along with a whole bunch of other authentic coach bags and the lining of the C's on this bag is the same...not lined up.
    which bothers me a lot, but i guess it's still real! :shrugs: