scribble hobo care?

  1. hi i was wondering if anyone else had a coach scribble hobo and if anyone knows the best way to clean it. :heart:
  2. I have the Hamptons scribble pouch but i don't have any idea how to clean it, lol.
  3. If I remember right, mild soap and water. :yes:
  4. I have one but I haven't cleaned it yet. I've just been paranoid about not putting it down on anything when I'm out. I've heard mild soap and water too, though.
  5. I have the Coach Hamptons Scibble Tote, and I don't know how to wash it! It drives me insane, someone help! I just have minor dirt marks on mine, boo ...
  6. me too, i can't seem to get rid of the dirt mark with anything. i tried mild soap, water, baby wipe, nothing seem to work.
  7. i handwashed the whole thing by rubbing in white washing powder with my bare hands and using an old toothbrush to scrub the dirty stuff off. It is especially easy if u are cleaning the inside (blue bit) but it may be impossible on the outside. Hope that helps! :smile: i also rinsed it under the showerhead with warm water.
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