Scribble Diaper bag!!! Keep or not

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I got a scribbles diaper bag at the outlet last weekend.

    I want to know if any of you have it, and it is good to keep or not??

    Is it a good baby bag??

    Does it get dirty very easy??

    Is it too big to fit in a stroller??

    I am not a mom yet. So I hope some ladies can help me.

    VT Pooh
  2. I also got the bag, but to use for my laptop. I made a post about the bag asking for opinions about it and people mentioned that it does get dirty easily and doesn't fit in a stroller. I am going to use it for school so I don't think I will have those problems. But it does have a lot of space and pockets, so it would be a good baby bag. So I decided to keep mine. It's so cute! :yes:

    But, I was thinking about Scotchguarding it if it gets dirty too easily. But for now, I think it will be okay. You may want to consider doing that though.
  3. this is the diaper bag i plan on using when i have kids. It is toooooooo adorable !
  4. I do not have the bag, but I am pretty familiar with diaper bags, as I carried one for over 6 years! The scribble diaper bag is too big to fit in the basket of most strollers. Its handles are too short to loop over most stroller handles. That makes it difficult to take with you, no matter how practical the bag is in other ways. The last thing you want to do is have to carry it all the time because baby bags get heavy!

    I would worry about it getting dirty, too. So many diaper bags are made of wipe-clean material for a reason. They may be terribly unfashionable, but there can be a lot of spills, leaks and accidents with diaper bags.

    I always suggest someone start with a cheap diaper bag for the first month or two. That way you can really determine what you need in a bag (size, outside pockets, handle/strap length, etc.) and can then buy the perfect nice diaper bag.
  5. Thanks Ladies. I guess it is going back to the outlet.
  6. Man!! I wish I lived closer to an outlet- I would go see if they had one!! I've had my eye on the scribble diaper bag practically since I found out I was pregnant!! I want it sooo bad!! I would keep it for sure!
  7. I don't have the scribble but i do have a coach diaper bag. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It is brown pebbled leather with pink stitching.. sorry I am not as up to speed on names and styles as most of you coach style mavens :smile:. Anyway, a previous poster said that it is too big to fit underneath and the handles are too short to loop over the handle bars. She is mainly right but there are ways around it. I have a peg perego stroller and you can put the bag in sideways... but i prefer to hang it from the straps using these really cool plastic claw type grips you can get from any babies 'r us for 2.50 or so. It keeps all my stuff organized and easy to get to. I love having a matching wallet that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb saying steal me please. It is really amazing what all I can fit in there and best of all it does NOT look like a diaper bag. And I will be able to use it for a weekend bag or what have you when the baby days are over. I have used it for a year solid and it still looks as good as teh day I got it. I *gasp* really do NOT baby it 'cuz, well, I already have a very active baby I'm trying to keep up with that is my first priority. I have not regretted the cost at all and even my hubby does not mind having to hold it on occasion.

    Okay, commercial over.... :smile:
  8. Thanks for all the input.

    I am still debating. I just took two pics and attached.

    What do you ladies think??

    Sorry the pics are kind of small.
    IMG_7939.jpg IMG_7944.jpg
  9. to me it is soooooooo cute, but i would return it only if you are going to buy something even better.
  10. Like I said before, I own this bag and I think its super cute.

    I love that it has the detachable crossbody strap, which a lot of the Coach diaper bags don't. I really appreciate that when I have my laptop and books in it. I like being hands free and giving my shoulder a break lol! :yes:

    I like that it doesn't scream baby bag and that you could use it like a tote later on that can be worn on or off the shoulder.

    It's a versatile piece.

    I hope you find a bag that suits your needs though. I actually had another Coach multifunction tote before getting this scribble one. I chose it for the crossbody strap, which I thought was so great to have.

    But regardless of what people say, if you don't think it will work out for you, get something different. Do you have your stroller yet? Perhaps you can try it out and see how it fits. You will know if this bag feels right or not. :yes:
  11. How much was it?
  12. It was $168 + tax. It is a good deal. Even it gets very dirty, it won't hurt too much to my wallet.

    We are trying. Nothing happens yet. So I don't have a stroller.

    I think I may keep it. It looks so cute.

    Thanks Ladies.
  13. For that price I would keep it. If you are like me you will have more than one diaper bag. This is a great bag becasue it doesn't scream diaper bag and it can be used for other purposes.

    I had a Kate Spade baby bag which I loved. Same shape as this bag, but honestly the best diaper bag I got was at the hospital (a promotional bag from a baby formula maker). I finally decided it was time to part ways with it. My daughter is 4 years old now!!

    Good luck!!
  14. You didn't say it was $168! For that price, I'd give it a try, and I'd find a different use for it if it didn't work out as a baby bag! Lots of no-name bags are that much!
  15. It is a cute bag.