Scribble Collection

  1. Does anyone know what other styles the scribble line come in.

    Besides the hamptons weekend small tote [​IMG]

    Hamptons weekend tote[​IMG]

    Demi [​IMG]

    top handle [​IMG]

    Are they making a small and large hobo this year?
  2. omg i am so hoping that it will come in a hobo!
    i love hobos
    but i think the demi is cute too!

    i saw the patchwork hobo on the website..
    but i definitely would not want one of those
    lol.. way too hectic
  3. i don't know, but if a hobo came out it would go right in the same spot with the patchwork tote! i LOVE the patchwork!
  4. I hope they make a hobo.
  5. I was at the boutique yesterday and they didn't have a hobo. Just the four you have pictured above. I really wanted the small tote (it's a great size) but I was disappointed with the material it's made from. It's a regular fabric and would get dirty real easy. The floor model was already a bit dirty. I thought it would be made from the silky Legacy material, but it's not. I took it off my wishlist.
  6. I hope they make a hobo. Last year's was cute!
  7. If it came in a swingpack, it would be mine!! A hobo would be really cute too though.....
  8. Is it the same material from the previous years?
  9. yeah it will be nice if this came in a hobo, a large hobo.
  10. I would def LOVE this year's Scribble in a hobo!
  11. The patchwork comes in small and large hobos as well as a swingpack. Wouldn't they do the same for the Scribble??
  12. model numbers for these bags as well as measurements please.
  13. Has anyone tried spraying with scotchguard?
  14. ^^ I was thinking about doing that when mine arrives...