Scribble Bikinis?

  1. Are these legit? I was just about to report a bunch because someone somewhere else said they were fake, that Coach never made them, but then found one being sold by a powerseller. Are these fakes?

    auctions: 110218948623, 180211109238

    Actually... just eBay search coach scribble and there are a bunch....
  2. I own one... and one of my friends owns a black/white one.

    It's extremely small though!! I bought an XL because I was told they run really small. They should've said they run TINY. *lol* The triangles barely covers my boobages and I can't even wear the bottom because if I try to cover up my vajayjay, my buttcrack show (and vice versa!!!).

    I don't know if mine is real, because I got it on e-Bay a long time ago. But my friend's one was from either a boutique or outlet on the mainland.
  3. Those are both fakes. Look at the tags. Coach does not use tags or dustbags like that.
  4. me too!!
  5. i didn't even know they made bathing suits. I thought they were all fake. i guess i was wrong. they look cute
  6. I really like the scribble bikinis on Ebay! I'm so sad they're fake. :sad: Did Coach ever make bikinis like that? Where can I get them?
  7. I have a Scribble catalog from 05 that shows a model wearing a Scribble bikini; the white one. I feel sure thats what inspired all the fakes!

    According to my catalog in 2005 the bikini was released for $168 & the item # was 3273. It was in select stores & came in sizes s-xl.
  8. All the Scribble bikinis on Ebay are fakes, and Coach only made them in white, I've looked at hundreds and have only seen one genuine Scribble bikini. Sorry.
  9. Yes Coach did make this bikini but most on ebay if not all are fakes :tdown: but it does exist. :yes:
  10. The real one is CUTE!!!!
  11. LOL i LOVE your descriptions. that was too cute.