scribble '07?

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  1. does anyone know if coach is going to come out with a new scribble line this season? what about a new spring patchwork?
  2. There is definitely a 2007 Scribble line. It's not on the website, but you can order it through a Coach store. Somebody recently posted pictures of one of the scribble totes.
  3. The scribble bags are avail. fo order right now... Otherwise, it is coming to stores at the beginning of March. The hamptons weekend patchwork is also coming out in March, not my favorite, but it has lots of bold colors and patterns.
  4. ooh does anyone have any pix???
  5. yea, but i think it looks a little fake.
  6. fake? how so? That's the new scribble. :shrugs:
  7. Oh I think its really cute! Would love to see it in the wristlet! (I've become borderline obessed with them lately...)
  8. It is definitely not fake. I'm the one who posted the picture and I just ordered it a little over a week ago and got it last wednesday. I love it! Great shape and size and the colors aren't overly SPRING! so I can carry it now as a transition bag and buy a new spring bag when the snow melts. :yahoo:
  9. I think it's really cute! And is that a purple C in the upper right corner? Love love LOVE purple! :tender:

    Did you hear if they'll be doing it in anything with a longer strap like last year's Baby Bag or File Bag?
  10. does anyone know what styles the '07 scribble will be coming in? hobo? tote?
  11. About the poster who said it looked a little fake, I think they meant that the new style looks like some of the fakes that have come out of scribble in the past. Which in that case, I kinda agree. I've never been a huge fan of the scribble, so maybe that's each her own though!
  12. I just got the new scribble in the medium size. the outline is very pretty and the pink straps are beautiful. It is definitely nicer than last years. It can be ordered now...You will not be sorry. I have trouble with heavy babs so this is definitely light. Rainbow...
  13. I am highly anticipating the new line (for the wristlet...I too am obsessed with them) and I love the colors...beautiful line.
  14. I like last years better but I'll decide for sure once I see it in person.