scribble 07 problems?

  1. Has anyone else had problems with the quality of their scribble bags this season? i've had mine a little over a month and there is already a very small tear in the bottom left corner on the front of the bag. it's not noticeable, but i'm afraid it will get bigger. I knew I was taking a risk getting a bag of this material, but i think it would of held up better. I'm super careful with my bag and have no idea how this happened.
    I see people with the scribble bags they've had for a year now and there's no rips in them. has anyone else had a problem with the scribble, or therefore any of the bags made out of that material, ripping yet?
  2. I did hear of this problem from one other member recently. What a bummer.
  3. I would take it to the store immediately. There's no way it should be wearing through like that already. So sorry to hear about that.
  4. I bought a scribble mini skinny and it had a scratched lozenge. Returned it, got another one, the new one was lopsided! It did not have straight square sides as it should have. Returned it and gave up on scribble altogether. Not surprised that yours has a hole as it seems to me that the quality of the scribble line sucks. If it were me i'd take it in and see what they can do about it.:cursing:
  5. I am the one that had that problem. I actually sold my set, but I am relieved to know that I am not crazy and over picky. Bring it into the store. My tear was in the same place!
  6. I agree I would take it back and see what they can do for you.
  7. I have a scribble tote from last year and haven't had any problems with it. I would definitely take it back to the store to see what they can do.
  8. i would take it to the store...i sold mine...mine last year is still awesome...
  9. I've had no problem with mine. But I would take it back asap.
  10. Hmm, I haven't seen anything come back to the store yet! There must have been a bad batch or something. :hrmm:
  11. Take it to the store- or right Coach.
  12. My daughter got her first real bag (swingpack) and wristlet for her bday and it was the same material in the patchwork (I forget the name) and it is 2 days old and i see a loose thread hanging. I was going to cut it but she wants to bring it back...i told her the same thing that one of you found, she could get a worse one. i say cut it not quite all the way and hope for the best...i told her if anything major happens they will fix it, right?
    I'd tell her to pick out a different bag but the other one she tried was in the same material.