Screws on Chanel Bags

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  1. Hey Chanelophites!
    I have a question. All of my Chanel bags have a flat head screw under the flap (Holding the CCs). My question is one bag that I have recently purchased has a different screw. like this +
    Does anyone else have this kind of screw? I really dont doubt authenticity I was just surprised.
    Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Hi Selena, It should not have this type of screw - its called a phillip screw. All Chanels should have a flat head - sorry:sad:
  3. please post pictures!!
    It will help others to notice the diffrence between real & fake, thank you
  4. I forgot to mention the CCs are tortoise. I noticed another tortiose on eBay had the phillipshead.
  5. They may have replaced a screw as well...I had one fall out of my Ligne Cambon....
  6. Hmmmmm. Can you post a pic???? Is it just ONE screw like this +? Are all the others flathead screws?
  7. The only screws on this bag are under the flap holding the CCs on. They are both Philliphead. I will post pictures later. I am currently contacting the seller.
  8. Good idea, Selena....BTW, which bag did you purchase?
  9. Here is a shot of the screws:
  10. Hi Selena,

    I hate to sound so negative, but it really looks fake. Not only do the screws bother me, but the bag is made in Paris, and I believe just Italy and France make the bag
  11. Selena, I think this bag is a fake, too. Eeek, sorry! Check out the bottom seam... it looks just a little too crooked for comfort. The visible stitching on my Chanel bags (as on your other ones, too) are absolutely uniform in thread length and are level on line... I hope you didn't buy this bag from The Marketplace.
  12. This isnt good. :sad: Wahhhhhhhh.

  13. And no, none of my Chanel bags have screws that look like that.

    Uh oh, good luck, Selena... :-\
  14. The screws arent right..SEND IT BACK!!!!!
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