Screwed out of $600

  1. Here's the deal. In the beginning of May, I purchased an online gaming account from some kid in Illinois for $600. A few months after, I suddenly realize that I can no longer log into the account, the original owner must have contacted the operating company and report it as stolen, which enabled him to reset the password and regain access over the account.

    Paypal won't let me charge back the transaction, as it's way past 45 days after the transaction date. I had a friend find out his home address, phone number, I even know this punk's mom's name, she runs some sort of online business with vintage furniture.

    I emailed him twice, his mom twice... no response yet. Tomorrow I will give them a call. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Should I be looking for a lawyer directly or report it to the police for theft of virtual property? Who knows, maybe his mom is already spanking his sorry ass for trying to f**k me over.

    Best part is, I had to cancel my credit card, which was on file on that account, on a recurring billing plan. :rolleyes:
  2. Can you not contact local authorities and ask what you can do or start a case against him in small claims court? I am not sure about US but I know Canadian police has the CC/internet fraud departments now that deal directly with this kind of thing (if it's over $500.00, and in your case it is). I hope you get your $$$ back, Vlad! I hate when :censor: like this happens!
  3. Aww that sucks!!! I'm not too sure what options are available to you legally since it's over the net, but I guess a first step is what you're doing now and contacting them.

    In the meantime, I would collect as much documentation as you can, and since your credit card with your name on it is the one paying the bill on that account, can you not contact the gaming website/hosters on your own and explain your situation?

    Or you would they be less than sympathetic since you didn't actually get an account from them? I'm not sure if they frown upon the buying/selling of accounts?

    I'll try to ask around and see if any of my guy friends have any advice they can give!

    Hope this works out for you!
  4. Oh my gosh. I would hire someone to call as a lawyer to scare the pants off of the family.
  5. God,That sucks.....did the full 600 get charged to your account already?

  6. Months ago. My best bet is that the family will get scared and the punk will hand the account back over to me. I didn't pay 600 bucks for nuttin.
  7. OMG, this sucks... From what I read in your post, you paid with Paypal via your credit card, right? You said you cancelled the card but do you still have an account with this credit card company? If so, since Paypal wouldn't dispute it for you, go ahead and file a chargeback with the credit card company and set things in motion. Actually, even if you don't have an account with the CC company anymore, I think they still have an obligation to file the chargeback for you. Keep a file with all the paperwork and correspondence regarding this incident because the credit card company will want to see all that. As soon as the chargeback is in motion, Paypal WILL open up a dispute for it (they do that when credit card charges them) and it will also force Paypal to do an investigation of their own. At that point, you will also need to send your documentation into Paypal as well.

    Keep the story short and to the point, because the dispute people are often not the most observant or diligent individuals (at least from my experience with Capital One). When you send the documentations in, follow up with them once a week to check on the status. If anyone gives you the runaround, ask to speak to a supervisor and be very persistent and assertive about it. In the meantime, continue to contact the original seller and keep a record of all your effort to contact them.

    i hope this help. Good luck and please tell us how this turned out
  8. I've asked the boys and what I said and what Kou said is the general consensus of what is available to you... well, other than scaring them into giving you the money back.. probably the most concrete and possibly most efficient method of getting your money back (and possibly getting control of the account back) in the shortest period of time.

    and thinking about it some more.. I would think the gaming site would be inclined to help you out since you're actually paying for the account (or was) and now that you've stopped the card, they'll know you have the accurate story since they won't be able to charge that credit card anymore!
  9. i hope you get your money back.
  10. Sigh, the kid's a dumbass. He handed it back over. Case Closed. :yes:
  11. Yay!!!:yahoo:
  12. I've heard about this happening to a lot of people. A lot of games have something called "the secret word" that will let you change the password of the account regardless if you sold it or not. I agree with Kou in what you need to do. Good luck with it!!
  13. LOL just saw it!! I'm glad you got things worked out!
  14. Glad it worked out without having to exert too much effort!

  15. HAHA VICTORY! :yahoo: I knew it would turn out OK once you said you contacted his mama!!! :roflmfao: