Screw This!

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  1. screw These Outrageous And Ridiculous Gas Prices
  2. Screw nasty people!!! There is just no need for it!! (or them)
  3. screw taxes and the az state bs... grrrr...
  4. Screw business travel!
  5. Screw everyone who said I could not sell my house in this market. Sold it! Got great price!
  6. ^ Congrats!
  7. Congrats irish!
  8. Screw my boss, he is fu***** stupid, selfish and dumd. I am putting my two weeks notice tomorrow :sweatdrop:
  9. SCREW. FAT. CELLS. Especially mine.
  10. Screw GF's homework!
    Screw chipped nails
    screw central ******* Fund!
  11. Screw my economics class.
  12. Screw ex-boyfriends.

    Screw insomnia.

    Screw having to pay bills.
  13. I will second this. Screw our fat cells!
  14. I'm thirding this notion. :rolleyes: Stupid fat cells, who needs 'em anyway (don't answer that :upsidedown:).
  15. Screw never-ending tech troubleshooting issues! Hard day at work. :sos: :noggin:
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