Screw This!

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  1. I figured we could use a Screw This thread on here. Whatever you think should be screwed, post it here.

    I'll start off...

    Screw lots of work to do
    Screw my dining hall closing at 7 when I'm hungry at 9
    Screw loud dorm buildings!

    C'mon everyone...let it out!!
  2. Screw my cable tv company

    Screw whoever invented the "Michigan left turn"

    Screw the voice mail maze I get stuck in and can't get out of
  3. Amen, sista.
  5. screw my job ! I am a bank teller and they want me to dedicate my whole life to this crap ! I am going to tell them to go screw this crap !
  6. Agreed.
  7. Screw pimples at 28:hysteric:
  8. Screw pimples period!!
  9. Screw Fake Bags!!!!
  10. And screw the people who don't accept the fact those bags are fake!!
  11. :tup:
  12. Screw drunk drivers.

    Screw paying taxes

    Screw Taco Bell(I just ate it and it was the nastiest TB I've ever had in my life! Should I call and complain?:thinking:)
  13. screw calories. gimme a donut.
  14. screw that time of the month!

    and screw the breakouts associated with it!
  15. Screw haters...thinking my purse is fake (excuse me Miss, but I can hear you "whisper") bad if you can't afford the real thing!