screw rudolphs red nose...i want something shiny bright!!

  1. Ok i just decided that i NEED a red going out bag...! yes need, not want, not would like NEED! lol

    and i thought the Sunset Boulevard in pomme would be PERFECTION, but i called lv adn they said they are sold out COMPANY wide!!! :'( im sad, very very sad!!

    Is it true? is there NO way I can get my hands on one? I need it before Jan, and bassically want to use it for my engagement party (my outfit is turquiouse and red) and i dont want a huge bag just something cute for touch ups!!

  2. Did you call the main number??? That bag is SOOOOOO hot!!
  3. It really depends on who you know. I was able to get an LV bag one time through my aunt who works in Beverly Hills. Even though they said the bag was sold out everywhere- in a half hour they had the bag for me..and this was during the holidays....CALL AROUND and BE PERSISTENT. haha. Good Luck!
  4. Bloomingdales, San Francisco had one last week. It's worth the try. Goodluck!
  5. I havent called the main number and i doubt im considered a vip in LV's eyes...more of a gucci girl, but i guess i can call the SA i bought all my accessories and my three lone LV bags from...but i doubt she remembers me!!

    arghhhhhhhhhhh! must have a red bag...must mus mu m :sad:

  6. ohhhh really? thanks for giving me how i so am going to call them in the am! how does this bag look on??? can it fit under the arm or is it soley handheld???
  7. call louis vuitton in st. louis...i was there three or so weeks ago and they had one it was on display in the mall
  8. i agree, sunset blvd in pomme= perfect! good luck in locating one!!
  9. yeah good luck in finding one! i'd call 866 and Saks to see if they can find one for you

    but even if u can't find it, you could consider the Roxbury in pomme. that looks like it would be a really nice evening bag too (esp since handle is removable so u could use it as a clutch). plus it's a bit roomier (can hold camera, etc)
  10. thanks guys!!! anyone else have any suggestions!!! what OTHER bags can i get??? ill have to check out the roxbury...ughhh i thought that would be PERFECT

    but ok i just saw my outfit, it is TURQIOUSE and marroooooooooooon! blah!! what bag can i carry!!! all the work on it is an antique gold!
  11. What color are your shoes???
  12. Truq and Maroon? I dont think bright red would do then...?

    I like the pochette Marelle for night times out =]
  13. 866 is full of bologna, they tell me everything is sold, and its not.
  14. I am simply adoring my Pomme Bedford right now! I also have the Bedford in Framboise. It is a simple, classic shape that is both eye catching and functional because you can hold a ton in it. Plus the shape is 'neutral' enough for you to carry it both day and evening. The Pomme color is sooo mouthwatering...hope you find your Pomme dream-piece!!
  15. hahaha love your title :lol: antique gold hardware?... then i would go with a gold bag of some sort. Or hey, what about the sunset in amarante :idea: Very neutral color and goes with everything. so cute :tender: