Screw backs- am I just stupid?

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  1. My boyfriend gave me a pair of diamond earrings last night for our engagement (I didn't want a ring) and I feel really stupid, but I am having trouble screwing them on. Is there some tip or trick I am missing, or is it just something I need to get used to?
  2. It is tricky at first. I don't usually wear my earrings with screwbacks because my coordination apparently sucks.
  3. I had some - now these were inexpensive cz, so I don't know if expensive earrings are the same - that you pushed on as normal, but screwed off. They didn't screw on, only off.
  4. Screwbacks are tough, at first - you have to learn to line them up *really neatly* in order for them to go on properly. And then there's the hassle of adjusting them ... I honestly wear my screwbacks less than my other earrings, just because they're kind of a pain in the neck. They are very safe, though, so once you learn how to wear them, you should feel very secure. Mazel tov on your engagement!
  5. Thanks all, it was a little easier this morning, I think I just got frazzled. These seem to screw on and off, just screwing off would be nice though!
  6. They can be a pain, but at least you know your earrings are safe!

    I do find that I don't change earrings as much when I have my screwback diamond ones on- too much of a hassle!
  7. Just practice.


    and ull get used to the screw backs :smile:
  9. Congrats!

    Also just wanted to warn you not to wear earmuffs or hats that pull all the way down over your ears. I learned this the heard way after losing an earring.
  10. All my diamond earrings have screw back and they are easy to wear once you get hang of it and unlike the butterfly backs these will never get lost .Just see that it is properly fit close to your ears ,the back will never unscrew itself .
  11. my diamond earrings have screwbacks and you just basically twirl them around and eventually they'll screw on.
  12. it was tricky for me at first (and i am soooo not a coordinated person) so i would always stand in front of the bathroom mirror (make sure you put the sink stopper in just in case you drop the earring or the back) and i kinda turn my earlobe so i can see the back and make sure everything is lined up right so it'll screw on. i also think it's much easier to do when you have short nails (my long nails always got in the way).
  13. Congratulations!!!!! Now that you have them on, I demand pics!
  14. I will try to post pics later!!
  15. i just hold the diamond bit tight and then twist the back - i can do it anywhere now (moving car, in bed after too many drinks etc)

    Congrats BTW!