Screensavers and wallpaper on Japan site...

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  1. There are some different screensavers and wallpaper on the Japan site for anyone interested. These aren't available on the US site...
  2. very cool! i downloaded them both! thanks for the heads up! :smile:
  3. The Japan site has the pond shoulder bag! AHHHH!
  4. You know what is really funny, I just made a legacy stripe wallpaper just like the one on Japan's site! I have the US version on my home computer but didn't want the whole Coach logo right in the middle of the screen on my work laptop. So I just cut and pasted the stripes to make my own. Too funny.
  5. Thanks for the link! I had been wondering what the Japan url was! Love the Ergo's with the mini signature and the key holders!
  6. I got my legacy background. Next mission legacy bedsheets!
  7. YES!! An entire bedroom done in Legacy!!! :smile:
  8. OH that would be gorgeous!!
  9. totally interested! thx!!!