Screenname change

  1. Just posting to inform you guys that I have changed my screenname due to some privacy issues. Hope it doesn't cause any confusion. (Formerly abbYY) :smile:
  2. Thanks for letting us know who ya are BagBunny.
  3. Awww! Cute name change!! :flowers:
  4. Love your new name!
  5. Thanks, you guys are the Best! :love:
  6. BagBunny!! I like it! :rochard:

    I have been meaning to start a thread about 'splain your screen name - but there is prolly already one out there :shame: I'm just too lazy to search for it. LOL
  7. ^ there is a thread. Thanks for letting us know!
  8. Thanks for the notice!:flowers:
  9. Thanks! I like your new name!!!
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