screen names

  1. just curious what does yours mean ??? or is it just simply ur name

    Mine is simple I just feel sum times i am heaven sent ;)
  2. Mine is so boringly painstaking obvious... haha. It's my name- just short. :embarasse
  3. I am ISS's mom -- those are my daughter's initials. My first internet foray was onto eBay to buy something for her.
  4. Mine is a nickname (Pseu = Sue) plus last initial. So it would be pronounced Sue Bee (like the honey that I am! :toung: )
  5. Well, mi name is Iris and friends sometimes call me Irissy... ^_^
  6. My SN is my name. Creative, I know :P
  7. Cool ,
  8. My name is actually short of my real name - Bianca. Ppl actually called me by that 'cause they are just too lazy to say the whole name out.
  9. Kojiko has always been my online nickname. Whenever I get an e-mail referring to me as Kojiko I know it's a person I know via online.

    My real name (Thea) is actually shorter than my nickname...
  10. What does Kojiko mean? Mine is because I adore the family fashion house of that name. My email address is "Fendismom" and this is her below:
  11. Well as for mine....pretty self explanitory
    I love bags. :biggrin:
  12. Thea is Greek for "Goddess". :oh:

    If you promise not to laugh...:evil:

    My middle name is Adora which is Greek/German for "A gift; beloved". :embarasse

    Ok start laughing. :lol: LOL I've heard the jokes during elementary stuff like "OOOOO! I see someone was loved!". :nuts: LOL It's cool now though...LOL :amuse: I've been through therapy, we've talked about it. J/K!!!

    Kojiko is from an anime I used to love when I was in middle school. Simply that hehe...
  13. to cute
  14. I think they're all pretty.:noworry:
  15. Thanks (more like too naughty)!