Scratching Like A Ferret !!!

  1. I cannot wear wool at all, it makes my skin sore and itchy.

    Is anybody else allergic to any particular fabric ?
  2. I don't think I am completely allergic to any fabric, but wool makes me all itchy, too. But if there is a lining inside of a wool jacket, then I'm fine.
  3. Yes, some wools are itchy on me as well. I usually wear a light t-shirt or tank under my wool sweaters in the winter and that helps.
  4. Wool & those super cheap synthetic school uniform sweaters make's my arm's excema's flare up!!!. During the winter, im forced to wear my school sweater,and I get craters in the pit of my arm!. These two items make me very itchy!
  5. Wool makes me VERY itchy and I have quit buying it.

    Fortunately, I can deal w/ cashmere:P

    Seriously, the cashmere is a lot softer so I don't have the same scratchiness. It's weird b/c the aversion to wool has gotten worse over the past few years. I used to be able to wear it, but now my skin gets all red AND itchy.

    I don't like the way acrylic sweaters feel either. Basically, f it's not cashmere or silk, make mine cotten! I seriously LOVE cotten sweaters.
  6. I hate wool! :yucky: The only wool clothing item I've ever purchased that actually didn't scratch me silly was this beautiful gray w/lilac pinstripe wool jacket from Ann Taylor last year. It actually feels GOOD!

    Thankfully living in the South it doesn't get that cold very often, so I really don't have to suffer wool to keep warm. :tender:
  7. I can't wear wool as well, unless its high-end wool. Its a shame because I had a bunch of cute wool sweaters that I donated because I would just never wear them. I did have an Ann Deulmeulster (sp?) sweater that was wool and it never bothered me - something about the better quality wool is bearable?
  8. I even find my cashmere jumpers quite restrictive. I just do not like feeling hot, so usually just layer with a loose cashmere cardigan.

    Every winter, I see the sumptious piccies of the gorgeous looking models wearing their high rollnecks and the overlong sleeves, and think oh yes, so nice! but in reality, it is just horrid wearing woolie things!
  9. Wool in general doesn't bother me, but mohair makes me itch like mad!
  10. I'm not allergic to any fabrics, and I really like wool. But when I wear wool, eg - a wool sweater, I always wear a button shirt underneath it. If I just wear wool next to my skin, I will feel mildly itchy (due to the wool texture) feels like wearing a hairshirt...
  11. cashmere does the same thing. it makes me itch.

    you just have to wear like a light tank top underneath to lessen the itchy feel.
  12. Wool,depending on the blend,sometimes even gives me hives.
  13. I'm not allergic, but wool just is so uncomfortable at times that I do get the itches.. ferret style !