Scratches on your Ali???

  1. I noticed that I had a couple of scratches on my Ali, probably from taking my keys in and out, and I just rubbed them in with my fingers and they blended in w/the leather!

    is this ok to do??
  2. thats all I do with scratches on the legacy leather.
  3. yup that's fine :tup:
  4. yes, that is what coach recommends to do. :tup:
  5. I think like any leather its going to get scratches like that, I'm sure of you use leather cleaner on it will smooth things out but over time and with age is going to be hard to cover these up.
  6. Ok this is probably a silly question but I'm new to leather bags. I thought leather was suppose to be durable, but I keep hearing it scratches really easily (which some you can get out) and you can't get it wet (of course I'm not planning on throwing it into a tub of water). Is it because the legacy leather isn't treated? I'm starting to feel paranoid about actually using my Ali when she gets here (I sold my scarf ergo because the constant staining).

    Will using the apple leather care help against scratches? I'm just clueless about this stuff. Sorry if it's been asked (I have read over the Ali Support Group and all threads regarding Ali...just want to make sure I'm fully prepared so I don't ruin her through lack of knowledge).
  7. I think the Legacy leather is just so much more sensitive. Whenever its raining and I dont have an umbrella it gets shoved under my shirt lol
  8. You aren't supose to get Legacy leather bags wet? Well, just so you ladies know, I have (not submerged in water, but I have worn mine when it been raining) and I have not seen any damage or anything like that. Granted, all my legacy bags are black so take it for what it's worth. I definitely don't think you have to baby the legacy leather.
  9. Leather in general is durable. The legacy leather is supposed to be vintage and shows the scratches.. it is just the look and doesn't matter too much, and most of them can be rubbed out. I have used apple as have others with good success, I think it helps, but it's up to you if you use it or not. As far as water, it's really just the brown/whiskey colors that have that problem, maybe the natural too. :yes: The black and white you can get wet and it will wipe off. hth :tup:
  10. yes, it's OK! rub away!:p
    as far as rain goes, my whiskey shoulder bag has been caught in the rain and has never spotted or stained.
  11. Im using my whiskey Ali for the first time today, and of course by the time I go for ashes tonight its supposed to rain! I might just bring a little wristlet or something to Mass instead of my bag.
  12. i think the legacy leather is treated (like all the other leathers) so some light sprinkling shouldn't be too bad. probably shouldn't be your Bag of Choice when it's pouring outside though! :smile:

    the legacy leather is more prone to light cosmetic scratches/discoloration, but from what i've seen here, it's nothing your fingers (with its natural oils and all that) couldn't rub out.

    Keeping it conditioned will help too, I think.
  13. Ah ok it's all making sense now LOL. Thanks!!
  14. So you're telling me I should get the white one as a back up for when it rains...can't argue with that :nogood: LOL. I can hear it now "But honey...I need a 'when it's raining' bag" haha.
  15. I have a whiskey ali and she got rained on yesterday. I was so upset at first, but as soon as the spots dried it was fine. You couldn't even tell it had been wet. :tup: