Scratches on Vernis?

  1. The SA told me I SHOULDN'T get a wallet 'cause of scratches??? But a handbag was okay? I thought that was a bit odd! Unless it's true?? Does vernis scratch? Isn't vernis the same as patent leather?
  2. That's kind of weird for an SA to suggest. I've seen a lot of vernis pieces on eBay in a state of disregard, but none I can recall being scratched. The common ones seem to be dents, peeling (with really old pieces), color transfer, pen marks.
  3. The care booklet to the Vernis says it's resistant to scratches, but that it is permeable to stuff like make up and color transfer from magazines and such
  4. I have a couple of the vernis wallets and even with the amount of items I carry with me and how often I change my bags, none have been scratched at all.
  5. :yes: :yes:
  6. it should be ok as long as you don't have any sharp objects in the bag bouncing around w/vernis wallet, ie keys in cles or key holder.
  7. That is a really weird thing for an SA to say! I have a vernis Thompson street and have worn it for about 5 years, there isn't a single scratch on it. But there is a scratch on my Epi bag!
  8. well I would assume knowing how much crap or stuff I carry in my purse that I wouldn't be surprised if whatever accessories I had in their got scracthed no matter what line they come from