Scratches on the hardware - Help Please!

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I was just rearranging my closet and took a look at my MC speedy and noticed that there are stratches on the corner hardware. Can I do something to make it less noticable? Or should I not worry about it?
  2. polish it?
    Its normal for it to get like that with normal use.
  3. Thanks - what should I use to polish it?
  4. brasso i think its called.
    Or even just a soft cloth...
  5. my denim mini pleaty had a HUGE scratch on the buckle!!
    thanks for the info bag fetish!
  6. Yeah just polish it a little..the scratches themselves won't disappear but keeping the brass shiny will make them less noticeable.
  7. Brasso is great...just keep it off the leather and canvas. I use q-tips.