Scratches on the Bubble Quilt flap and Reissue Locks

  1. Hi, I just got my brand new dark silver reissue and bubble quilt flap last month. However, after using them just for 1 to 2 times, scratches were found on the surfaces of the MM and the CC locks as well. The MM lock for the reissue is of a shinny surface while that for the bubble quilt is of a sandy gold surface. The scratches are permanent ones and cannot be recovered.:cursing:

    Do you girls have such problems with your reissues or bubble quilt flaps and any advices on what I can do?

    I have been to my local Chanel store and the SAs said that there is nothing they can do since it's a "latent defect" of the lock. :crybaby:
  2. I have the bubble quilt bowler and 3 reissue bags. The hardward gets scratched, nothing you can do about it. I think it adds character to my bags.
  3. Agreed:tup:
  4. No scratches on any of my hardware on any of my bags CC or MM hardware. But I do find that I make fingernails scratches on the inside leather as I reach in for things which is weird because I wear my natural nails very very short, never past my fingertips.
  5. So it seems that the CC and MM turn locks do not always easily get scratched. That means some bags have been made of lower standards. Do you think I should call Paris shop and ask for a repair?:shrugs:
  6. Not really. They're turnlocks. They are going to get scratched.:shrugs:
  7. I have brought my bags to a local Chanel store. They took some pictures on my bag and they said they are going to send emails to Paris. They said it's the first time they come across such complaint from their Client!:confused1:

    All I can do now is wait for their reply.
  8. Wow, they really took pictures of your bag? Maybe they have never had any complaints before because most people think it's normal that the locks get scratched? :shrugs:

    I'm curious about their reply, please keep us posted.
  9. Just a cursory glance at the locks are not going to reveal minor scratches. Many people do this; they take a quick glance and say, "My locks aren't scratched." I do this too, but when I take my bags under bright lights with reading glasses on I find hairline scratches on the hardware. It's inevitable, no matter how careful you are.
  10. Nathalie, that's what I think. To me scratches on hardware are gonna happen from normal everyday use - unless I plan to put my bags behind glass for display only.

  11. Absolutely agree...As with any jewellery, cars...etc. It's really part and parcel of wear and tear that we so experience in every day life. So put the worries behind and really use the bag and love it. And when the hardware gets really scratched and old, I think you can have it re-plated.:yes:
  12. I agree with you, Mon. I also think this is inevitable with normal everyday use and it never even crossed my mind (or the minds of many others, I guess) to tell Chanel about this.
  13. Apart from the scratches on the CC logo, there are also some white spots on the leather of my dark beige flap. It looks like that the dark beige colour is coming off.

    The Chanel store called me again and asked me to take the bag to their shop for photo-retaking since the Paris people said that they could not see the white spots clearly. :hysteric:
  14. Yikes, I hope that they are able to take better pictures of the white spots this time.
  15. hey all..

    im new here. anyway, just wanted to ask if you guys know whats the fastest way to replace a lock on a chanel jumbo? i accidentally scratched my girlfriend's one and i feel so lousy and guilty about it. i cant afford to get her a new bag.. so someone pls help me out if u have any clue on getting a lock replacement!

    thanks much appreciated..