Scratches on padlocks..............? Hmmmmmm


Dec 25, 2007
Hi all,

I'm after a Paddington, medium, ideally in Tan, Whiskey or (final choice) Ivory. I've not had much luck locating one store wise, so I've been looking on eBay (i've posted a few on the 'Authenticate this..' thread)

But anyway, I was just wondering, from looking at some of the images, a few of the padlocks have scratches on them. When i've seen the real thing, with the brass hardware, it doesn't seem like the hardware would scratch? From experience, does your hardware scratch ?

And lastly, (i've not researched into this) Are there different types of hardware (e.g. some shinier than others, some gold, some brass, etc)?

Thanks for your help in advance :tup:


like two plums
Jan 10, 2007
Yes, the hardware scratches easily. There are quite a few threads about this - do a search when you have a sec so you can go through them slowly!

In the meantime, the new hardware (07) is shinier and kind of has a coating on it - apparently it scratches less easily. But if you look at the older paddingtons, the hardware is buff and smooth and "dull" - in my opinion, it is far lovelier than the new hardware (!!) but as iluvhandbags said, it peels and scratches.

I have great luck until recently: I've never had a problem with scratching (and i'm not particularly careful with my paddies) then BAM! I scratched my square buckle really deeply and since then, I seem to have scratched the hardware again and again... AND it's peeling at the friction points. UGH!