Scratches on Nuage Paddy

  1. Does anyone own the Paddy (medium satchel) in the color nuage? Does it scratch easy? How do you deal with scratches? It came with a very minute scratch which looks white. Thanks!:wlae:
  2. I don't have this color but if it were me I would probably return/exchange. You are spending a lot of $$ on a bag and it should be perfect when you get it.

    You could always post a picture of it to see if people think it's that bad if you don't necessary go through the hassle of returning.

    I just saw that color irl and it's beautiful. I love the silver hardware.
  3. The "minute scratch" is gone! I can't find it! Maybe the leather looks like it's scratched but it is not really scratched. If, when I use the bag for the first time, I see more "scratches" I will return it. Thanks, Kmrosko404, for your response.
  4. Please post pics! I'm dying to see what the colour looks like!
  5. Surely a tiny scratch just proves the bag is real and yours rather than a photo in a magazine?
  6. I love that color!
  7. Hi. I have the Nuage Paddington with the pocket on the front. I don't know what it's proper name is sorry. It has not scratched as yet but the hardware on the side buckles is not very shiny. Is yours the same?

    I'm wondering if the silver hardware will tarnish?

  8. to the girls with nuage paddies - what's the leather like? are photos on the web representative of the color of the bag? i saw one on diabro and the leather looked scrumptious, but i couldn't tell whether it was more gray or white... i thought it was supposed to be beige?