Scratches on new Pochette Accessoires

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have bought a new Pochette Accessoire 2 months ago and have not used it yet. It has stayed in it´s box the whole time.

    Today I removed it from the box and at daylight I realized that on one side of the canvas it has thin white scratches everywhere :shocked::shocked: !

    You cannot see the scratches in a dim lit room, that´s why I haven´t seen it before, but in daylight it´s obvious and bothers me a lot. I took some pictures:



    I was shocked and now I want to bring it back to the store to get it replaced.

    Has anyone of you ever experienced something like this?

    I hope they will be accomodating :cry:
  2. Are you sure they are scratches? It looks like some leftover residue. Have you tried wiping it with a warm soapy cloth?
  3. Yeah that was my exact thought. Have you wiped it up?
  4. I did try clean it with a baby wipe, but it didn´t get off. But maybe I did not do it thouroughly enough. Will try again. Thanks for the tipp!
  5. Hi Sibelle, any updates? did the marks come off your pochette?
  6. Unfortunately they didn´t come off entirely.
    I mean you can hardly see them, but it still bothers me. And I don`t want to rub too hard on the canvas as I don`t want to damage it.
  7. I wonder if it's the canvas peeling, can you take it to the store and request an exchange?
  8. That's terrible. You should take it in to have it looked at. Hopefully it's not a new defect we need to watch out for. Good luck.
  9. Don't store it in the box. Use only dust bag as it needs to breathe. Maybe magic eraser (used very lightly) will remove it or a white pencil eraser?