Scratches on new canvas bag

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  1. I really don't know how I manage these strange things, but within three days (only used the bag once) I have managed to get three long scratches on the bottom of my speedy b 25. And I see myself as a careful person, but there are always situations happening to me.


    I really think it is only color scratches. I try to feel them with my nails but can't. And I don't think they were there from start since I examined the bag before I bought it and today I found the scratches directly when I turned my bag upside down.

    I think they got there when I quicky pushed my bag into my wardrobe, was stressed cause my boy just woke up and I was going to pick him up. I have metal thingy drawers that you can pull out and something was in the was and I pushed a little....

    So stupid of me, but at least the first marks are there now and I don't feel the need to be super careful anymore ;) and actually I thought the canvas was a little bit more durable than this. There are no sharp things in my wardrobe at all.

    I was going to buy more LV bags in canvas (this was the first one) since I thought the canvas were going to be durable. Now I have to think about it..still think I will buy at least one more bag but this really got me thinking. I mean, the wardrobe situation is the only possible scenario and still that seems a little bit unpossible for me. Well well haha.
  2. Very noticeable to you but I don't think from the pics if you were carrying your bag anyone would notice

    Anything and every bag is going to get marks from use.
    Don't stress buy and enjoy!
  3. Awwww. That sucks. Sorry about the marks. At least you got that out of the way. Lol. I know how you feel and I know the things you mention it got scratched on. Maybe a baby wipe and see if the marks come out? I think the may fade over time. :smile:
  4. I don't think they are easily visible but if the bag slouches a lot I think you actually could see them. But I can always have that side toward my body if I care (I don't really care hehe).

    I will most definitely enjoy my bag :biggrin: it's great! Just thought the canvas was a little bit more durable than this. But I shouldn't have too high expectations!

    I tried to wipe them away but it didn't work and I can see that the color is gone a bit. And yes, both me and my husband are sure it will fade away (or at least some dirt will take the place haha).
  5. So I am a little bit sad since it is so new, but most surprised that the canvas wasn't more durable.

    But I am not upset or anything! I do have a good insurance but I don't think it is worth it for this little flaw in appearance :smile:

    I think nothing is wrong with the canvas except for color :smile:
  6. Aww, don't worry. It happened when your baby needed you and responding to him was more important. :hugs:

    I once had a hairline scratch on my Speedy 30 when it scraped on a door's metal fixture. Lived with that for almost a year -- the mono canvas didn't feel torn but the scratch was white and visible. After reading a TPF member say he gently rubbed at a scratch with a rough sponge, I decided to try lightly rubbing it with one of those dishwashing sponges and true enough, the scratch came out! Just sharing my experience. Don't feel that you have to try it if you've decided to leave your Speedy alone. :flowers: