scratches on my quilted chanel bag

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  1. Anyone know whether or not the scratches on my quilted leather Chanel bag can be fixed? If so, anyone has any idea on the price and whether I should take it back to a Chanel boutique? thanks
  2. I'm not sure, crystal_orchid, as I've never brought in a bag for refurbishment before.

    I understand, from SAs, that scratches can be, at very least, minimized, though.
  3. Which leather is it?
  4. Also, how long have you had it?
  5. do you have pics to see how deep/severe they are? i'm so sorry to hear that! i'm always afraid to use my lambskin wallet cuz of the delicate leather :sad:
  6. Hi, I think it is lambskin, it is the soft leather one. Very similar to may3545 chanel bag in her signature, only smaller like a square evening bag with code straps. I've had it for at least 7 years though I hardly used it. I have just been careless with it the last time I carried it, and I noticed scratches and nicks on the leather. :sad:
  7. Oh, my bag is the caviar leather, but you probably have the same style in lambskin =) hmmm.. i donno the answer about getting it fixed, but i would love to know so that my wallet can be fixed if its ever damaged!
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