scratches on my new camera bag :(

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  1. Hi all--
    I just bought a small camera bag on sale. I love it, but there are a few small scratches on the black leather (it was the display bag and probably has been manhandled by overzealous Chanel lovers!). They're not terribly visible, but I know they're there, and I'd love to polish them out if I can. Does anyone have any advice on what's safe to use?

    Thank you thank you thank you!
  2. which camera bag? What leather is it?
  3. Sorry--I guess that would be helpful....

    The Mademoiselle in black.
  4. I checked out a large Mademoiselle black tote the other day at NM. It was on sale and gorgeous. They had two, one was badly marred and the other one was a bit better. I nearly bought it, but realized that if I made a decision to purchase a lamb bag to use every day, then I would have to live with future scratches -- and worse. I think that scratches will eventually get rubbed into the skin and disappear. I used to panic when my first Coach bag (unlined, naked leather) in the early 80s would scratch. Coach said that the oils from your fingers would help with the scratching. I realize that old Coach and new Chanel are really not the same, but I would think that "erasing" marks with your fingers might work.
    BTW, I didn't buy the Mlle, but got a Cerf instead.
  5. it's lamb so it's pretty delicate.
    If they're just a few small scratches, rub them w/ your finger, the oil frm your finger actually buffs the light scratches out.
  6. I use something called Conolly leather conditioner, I also use their leather cleaner. It is imported from England. After rubbing the sratches with my finger back and forth and sometimes using the magic eraser, I will use the Conolly on it and it is so thick and super that it almost makes them invisible plus it conditions the bags. I order it online. A little of it goes a long way., I don't use it on caviar, only on lambskin and other leathers. A chanel handbag collector recommended it some time ago and I always keep some around.:heart:H
  7. Sorry, correct spelling is Connolly!
  8. thank you all!
  9. I've actually used my Coach leather conditioner on small scratches and it worked like magic. I no longer own any Coach bags, but I always keep their leather conditioner on hand :tup:. I will be honest and say that I have never used it on a Chanel bag though, haven't had the chance to yet.
  10. I use a buffing sponge meant for shoes - no liquids at all - the sponge shines the leather and masks the scratches very well - especially on the lambskin ones.