Scratches on my ligne cambon tote handles!

  1. I kinda knew it'd happen because I'm such a klutz, but as I was gathering my things together after my workout at the gym, car keys in hand:push: , I put my arms thru the handles, and I saw my keys rub against them. So now a pretty sizable scratch is on the handles. I've owned this bag for about a month now, and other than the scratch, there's nothing that bothers me. Are the handles fixable or replaceable? Should I take the tote in right away, or should I wait?
  2. So sorry that happened. It may be fixable. I would call up the boutique and verify.
  3. Wow! I am soo rough with my cambon tote which I have had for nearly a year and I have used it alot and that has never happened to me. I would bring it back, if u continue using it it may continue to get worse.
  4. It does sound like something that may be fairly easy to fix. I suggest taking it to a shoe or leather repair shop and asking what they suggest. Good luck!
  5. My SA in chicago chancel boutique told me you can bring anything to fix for free within the first year of purchase. I damaged my cambon wallet pretty bad, and brought it back to the boutique. The ladies checked there and concluded that it can't be fixed in store. So they sent it to their warehouse, somewhere in NY, I think, and now are fixing it. The bad news is it takes really long time, 4 to 6 weeks.

    According to what you said, maybe it's fixable in store. Even if they can't, don't worry, at least you can send it out to fix it.
  6. how is your bag now? hope it is fixed.:smile: